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So Marvel Studios has definitely made it a point over the last six months worth of interviews that everybody wants you to know what's coming after Avengers four is different we're going into a new style of Marvel movies not just in how they're going to look not just with you know Fox inevitably and all that coming in to play not just that we're going into new franchises that even hardcore comic book fans are scratching their heads going at um okay that's a little obscure but I mean you did it multiple times already with guardians and Doctor Strange and ant-man so you could probably do it again this makes a lot of sense there's like eight thousand plus characters out there in the Marvel Comics all of them can carry their own TV show and their own film it's just finding the right story to tell and making people care about them so Kevin Feige recently when he was talking about Avengers he said new characters will be introduced in Avengers for these brand new characters are expected to go into the future and carry their own franchise now make that what you will but there's a few possibilities out there are very few possibilities the Eternals are probably a given I mean the Eternals make sense we've heard about them having a movie in development they're already working on scripts it's all but inevitable we're getting that movie now it could also be something a little bit I would say less than that maybe it's not something that big maybe it's Nova maybe Nova shows up and work oh my god Nova find me right maybe somebody tied to spider-man we don't really know how they're gonna handle this but realistically don't expect anything like the Fantastic Four x-men that cannot happen unless doing reshoots or unless during like the final months of editing this movie directly into post-credit scene and we've been approved of this acquisition it's happening let's quickly cast someone and make them Wolverine or someone that could happen but realistically I'm telling you not to expect that please don't expect that that's just crazy at most you're gonna get the Eternals or Nova or someone like that and that's going start setting up what's coming down the road and that's really it but think about what I'm just saying I'm telling you off that's really yet you're just gonna get eternals like that's some pretty high concept stuff out there and that's some good future proofing and planning so we're gonna get new characters introduced in Avengers for who they are we don't know but they're gonna have a franchise so there's not really a whole lot of pickings from what we know is in development.

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