Hey guys since infinity war people have been saying that the impact of the final snap was undercut by the announcement of some future films it's hard to believe that a character would stay dead if they're expected to headline their own film in the next phase however if we go by what the Russo brothers say this may not mean as much as we may think this goes back to an interview he's talking about before from the huffington post where Anthony Russo said here's the thing I think it's important to remember that anything is possible in the MCU just because the sequel on the books doesn't mean people are accustomed to time moving linearly in the MCU that doesn't necessarily have to be the case there are a lot of very inventive ways where the story can go from here the example he brings up is how guardians of the galaxy vol despite being released three years after the first film was said only a few months after it what the roosters are saying here is that there could be storage to tell with characters that were lost but you don't see that after that point like maybe dr. strange takes place after he moved into the sanctorum and when he met Tony to show how he advanced his powers between the films or maybe yards of the galaxy vol also takes place between its predecessor an infinity war maybe in the three-year time spot that the second film was released in with that in mind while this does limit how far characters can go and you run the risk of losing audience engagement if you think they're following someone who's fated to die soon it's a unique way to go however it seems likely to be a reference to something specific that a future film is doing because likely many of these announced sequels will take place linearly in the timeline two specific examples of this our Spider Man whose sequel is all but confirmed to take place after infinity war and Doctor Strange for a specific reason in the first Doctor Strange film the ancient one told him that a sorcerer even the sorcerer supreme can't see visions of the future past their own debt doctors trained if what he says is true saw future ooh they defeated Thanos meaning that he must have been around to see it happen or he couldn't know that maybe you could argue that the time stone lets him overcome this but even the time stone seems to only affect high on a specific target whatever the future may hold it's an interesting idea that we may never see some of these characters again path the events of infinity war but what do you guys think well any of the known sequels take place before the snap and who do you think will come back well.
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