Hey guys The Hulk has been a huge point of speculation when it comes to Avengers whether it's the reason you wouldn't come out or whether or not he'll become the professor Hulk there is a lot to focus on when it comes to the character it makes sense considering that Avengers is supposed to end a three-film arc with the character that began in thor ragnarok this has led to a theory about what banner in the Hulk will be doing in Avengers according to the theory the Hulk will join shield this theory comes from comic book resource and draws a lot of influence from the comics the conflict currently between Banner and the Hulk is very similar to Peter David's iconic run on the character with some moments being directly influenced by comic panels from the run the big one is how Hulk and banner interacted in infinity war with both of them speaking through banners mouth while
partially transforming into the whole to show who's talking the two are at odds with each other now more than ever according to Joe Russo the reason the Hulk wouldn't come out wasn't out of fear from Thanos but instead he's upset that banner only wants him around for fighting in the two years between age of Ultron and Ragnarok the Hulk has grown and developed into his own identity rather than just being a representation of banners rage we saw shades of the Hult resentment of banner in his interactions with Thor talking about how Thor is banners friend and is clearly upset that Thor wants banners held more than his when it comes to not fighting yes the Hulk likes fighting but he doesn't want to only ever do that and be put in harm's way like he was against Thanos meanwhile you have banner who's lost huge portions of his life thanks to the Hulk his regular job his girlfriend his home and finally two full years of his life are just gone so the two are understandably pissed at one another which is where David's run led to the panel in question of banner arguing and partially transforming into the green and gray Hulk's eventually led into the next issue were they merged into the professor but where does shield come into play especially since she opals disbanded back in
Winter Soldier and since the movies tend to ignore the TV series likely it coming back on agents of shield wouldn't affect that well in the comics after becoming the professor Hulk banner became a part of an organization known as Pantheon Pantheon was an organization that contained a number of super-powered individuals and had them operate on a world stage going wherever their services were needed with all the connections with the arc that created the professor and the current Hulk story in the MCU it'd be easy for shield to fill the Pantheon role in the story hoax costume in the lis chart of the cast even resembles the costume banner made for him when the two agreed to work for shield in the pages of the indestructible Hulk as for how shield returns it may already be back remember that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were already working together again at the end of infinity war and they seemed to be a part of some group it's possible that a new shield had reformed after the event of age of Ultron where Fury was able to gather several former members of the organization and a Helicarrier to aid against Ultron at the end if the rumors of Hawkeye hunting scrolls in Japan proves true he may already be part of the new organization so the whole joining wouldn't be too far out there.

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